///Acanthus Drop Clip Earrings: David Howell & Co.

Acanthus Drop Clip Earrings: David Howell & Co.


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David Howell’s design acanthus clip earrings take inspiration from the wrought iron grill on the US Capital Building.

Available in either gold-plating with a navy blue dyed pearl or hematite-plating with a white pearl, these lightweight earrings are 1 and 3/4 inches (44mm) long and just shy of 1 inch (25mm) across at their widest point. Made in the USA with a flat faced simple clip.

In ancient Greek mythology the plant has an association with both poetry and healing. It is a plant sacred to Apollo the sun God. In architecture its stylized leaves form the characteristic decoration on Corinthian and composite capitals, friezes, and panels.

Tomorrow’s Heirlooms: David Howell

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Acanthus Drop Clip Earrings: David Howell & Co.

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Navy Blue/Gold-plate, White/Hematite-plate


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