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Please contact us regarding anything you don’t see covered on this page.


Signup for our Broadcast Emails


We only send a few emails a year that have sales or special occasion emails. Once signed up, MailChimp (our broadcast email system that we use) will give you login info for your mail account which you have full control of and any time can opt-out of.

Things We’d like you to Know About US!


Why does it say I don’t have an account when trying to log in?

We have updated our website to a new platform in May (17). Unfortunately we was unable to bring your customer information to the new platform. Which means your saved carts and products are not available. We would had liked to move all of this forward but the new platform was not compatible with these features. Due to that, you can either create a new account or can order as a guest with our new website.

We are a customer-based company.

Cliptomania.com is a small family run business that has been in operation since Thanksgiving Day, 1999. We care about you and your satisfaction.

We do not manufacture earrings

We do NOT manufacture any of our earrings. So we can NOT alter any of our earring colors, sizes or materials.

Do We Have A Catalog?

Sorry: We do not have a printed catalog. Our inventory changes so frequently that one would be quickly out-of-date. However, our website is updated during business hours.

Do you sell the adapters that convert pierced to clip-on earrings?

No, we don’t have kits to convert pierced post earrings to clips. The only way to do it that we have seen is a “barrel converter.” Candy bought a pair several years ago (before we started Cliptomania) and found them to be very unsatisfactory: The earring kept moving around in the converter and never really sat right. A number of our customers shared similar experiences.
If you still want to try them, they are available at www.Comfees.com
(Note: We are not affiliated with Comfees and have no control on what items they have available.)

Do you have a minimum order amount?

Yes, we do. Due to the flat fees we pay on every order, we do not accept any order – on or off line – with a merchandise total under $10.00. Which means that your order has to be over $10.00 before you can checkout and does not include Shipping & Handling.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept many types of payments. We have 2 payment gateways to pay for you order. When checking out, you will be asked to select either Authorize.net or PayPal.

  • Authorize.net: we accept and USA & Canada orders using Visa, Master Card or American Express
  • PayPal: (Note: you don’t need a PayPal account to use this method and is the only method of payment for international orders!) – PayPal accepts many types of card types that isn’t available in Authorize.net

Will You Charge Tax on My Order?

Yes, we are required to collect tax on all orders that have a tax rate. Tax will be calculated during checkout for your location.

What do you charge for shipping and handling?

Domestic shipping and handling rates are a flat fee per order no matter what the cost or size of the order since postage is just a small part of the S&H costs. We ship via United State Postal Service (UPSP), usually the next postal service day after we receive your order.

United States customers have the choice of First class US mail at $6.05, Priority mailat $8.25 or Express Mail at $21.75.

Canadian customers have the choice of first class US mail (Air Post) at $10.00, Global Priority mail at $22.75 or Global Express Mail at $43.05.

Orders that are shipped to Australia, Ireland, Japan, and New Zealand via Global Priority Mail at $28.00 or Global Express Mail at $49.45.

United Kingdom (UK) and Northern Ireland via Global Priority Mail at $35.00 or Global Express Mail at $65.00.

Note: International customers are responsible for any government duties or taxes and International orders that will not fit in standard Global Priority flat rate envelopes may be subject to additional shipping and handling charges.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Assuming that there are no problems with your order [watch your e-mail thru the next business day after placing your order as that is how we will contact you about a problem], the following is the norm:

For orders placed before 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time in the United States, we ship no later than the next postal service day, except for Priority and Express orders placed Monday thru Friday before 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time which are shipped out the afternoon they are received. First Class can take 7 to 10 business days, Priority is a non-guaranteed 2 to 3 business day service, and Express Mail takes 1 to 2 business days.

For our Canadian customers, we offer First Class US mail (Air Post) that takes from 7 to 10 business days or Global Priority mail that takes from 4 to 6 business days. For customers from Australia, Ireland, Japan, and New Zealand we offer Priority Mail International (6 to 10 business days) or Priority Mail Express for Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Ireland (3 to 5 business days).

Note: International customs may further delay package delivery. Regulations allow receiving customs services to hold a package for up to 30 days before scanning it into their system. The holding period varies widely throughout the year and from country to country.

Please bookmark www.Cliptomania.com

Besides making it easier for you to find us, bookmarking lowers our advertising costs which helps keeps our prices low!

After you place your order

Please watch your e-mail for shipping confirmations. We will e-mail you if there is a problem (for example: the earring style or that size sold out or there is an address problem). We especially want you to keep a watch on your email if you are returning an item, or exchanging earrings.

Where did it go?!?

If you put items in the shopping cart and do not complete the sale, our website should save the cart when you leave. But if the item sells out before you come back. Then that item is no longer available. Or if you seen a item when looking through the website and not it no longer shows up, then that also means it’s sold out. We will not special order any earrings that have been sold out. But if we are planing on restocking the item soon, it will have a note on it’s page. Otherwise the sold out item will be removed from the website.


Earring care

Earrings are easily damaged, particularly Pewter and Nickel Free earrings! Please do not place them in the bottom of your purse. Placing them on the earring cards included with your order is the best way to store earrings. Also never spray your earrings with hairspray as this can tarnish or damage the earrings. It’s recommended that if using hairspray, put your earrings on after the hairspray has been given time to dry.

If you live in a high humidy or salty areas (examples of these areas are around beaches, lakes and marshy places) it is advised to gently wipe your earrings with a soft cloth after wearing to help protect the plating. This helps to wipe off any moisture or salt build-up on the earrings.

Can you help me adjust earrings that are too tight or too loose?

Yes! Almost every non-pierced earring is adjustable and we have created a free website to tell you how. At www.earringinformation.com you will find helpful information such as clip types, clip-on earring adjustment, flattering earring styles and more.

Do you repair earrings?

If you have an issue with earrings purchased from us, please visit www.Earringinformation.com for tips on earring adjustment and minor repairs before contacting us. If this website does not help, please e-mail us regarding the problem that you are experiencing. When emailing us, please give us a detailed description on what is wrong with them (IE: clip top broken and separated from the earring or paddle back won’t stay on).

We do not manufacture earrings, nor are we jewelers; so, we have a very limited number of earring parts and can only perform some basic earring repairs. Please do NOT mail us earrings needing repair without first contacting us via e-mail. If we determine that we might be able to repair them, we will issue

you a Return Merchant Authorization (RMA) number to write on the back of your return bubble envelope or box. Earrings mailed to us for repair 90 days after purchase will automatically be subject to our $6.05 shipping and handling fee.

Can I return the items if I’m not happy with them?

Unfortunately we can no longer take returns as we are closing out all of our inventory. All items are for final sale only and are non-returnable!

Why didn’t I receive the earrings I expected?

Most of our returns result from misjudged size. Please read the description carefully. We also recommend using a ruler to double check the size of the earrings against their description on the website. If we made a mistake and sent you a size other than the one you ordered, please e-mail us and we will send the right earrings with label and postage for you to use to return the others to us. We do recommend measuring a few of your favorite earrings for comparison before you order so chances are good that you will be pleased your choices!

IF you did receive a different color or style than what you ordered, please e-mail us immediately with details of the item that you had received and we will ship you the correct earrings with a label and postage to use to return the ones sent in error. DO WATCH YOUR E-mail for any follow-up messages from us.